Holy Spirit says vote for ED to be blessed with 15 yrs: Madzibaba Andby


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APOSTOLIC church leader Madzibaba Andby Makururu has prophesied to his congregants that those who vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to retain the presidency in the upcoming general elections will be blessed with an additional 15 years to their lives.

Madzibaba Andby said this to his members while celebrating his birthday on Sunday in Zimunya were he held a three-day church gathering beginning on Friday.

He urged the over 800 000 members of the Johane the Fifth of Africa to vote for Mnangagwa as he had succeeded in uniting and initiating empowerment programmes targeting all Zimbabeans.

“This is the word for our prayer. I want those who are going to vote to stand up to have more years added to them. Raise your hands high.Those who are going to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa the Holy Spirit says 15 years have been added on your life.”

This was followed by ululation from the crowd made up mostly of women who took heed of Makururu’s instructions by standing up and raising their hands.

He confirmed to ZCN that the video trending on social media was his.

“You will recall that during the previous elections The Holy Spirit told me that President Mnangagwa will win and it came to pass.
“ This time the Holy Spirit told me to tell members of Johane Masowe tbe Fifth to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa, he had done great things for this country since coming into office.

The president has united and provided empowerment opportunities to every Zimbabwean

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