Masvingo’s ‘Big Deal’ vows to support, not dump Zanu PF


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THE president of the Zanu PF-aligned BIGDEAL Economic Empowerment Movement, James Pande has rubbished rumours circulating that he wanted to stand as an independent candidate in Masvingo Urban as the work of detractors.

In a statement, Pande made it clear that his organisation BEEM was committed to ensuring a resounding victory for President  Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF.

Pande added that BEEM  would tirelessly work with President Mnangagwa after his re-election to attain the Zanu PF government’s goal of making the country an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030.

“l would like to categorically make it clear that these are machinations and retrogressive rumours which are being peddled by some irresponsible elements within our Party ZANU PF. 

“I have no intentions or have ever harboured any intentions of running as an independent candidate for MP in Masvingo Urban Constituency.
He said the  baseless allegations were being peddled by people who were blind to  his  commitment and desire to  ensure that Mnangagwa wins  the presidential elections.

“My energies and efforts are wholesomely dedicated for the attainment of 5 million votes and ultimately Zanu PF victory in the upcoming harmonised elections.
Pande, who controversially lost in the recent Zanu PF primary elections for the Masvingo Urban parliamentary seat following a visibly popular campaign, refused to comment on what transpired during that period.

“What is clear is that Zanu PF is the past, present and future of Zimbabwe and I was born Zanu PF.”

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