Chitown residents, council clash over mayoral car


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CHITUNGWIZA Residents Trust has issued a statement accusing  CCC councillors  of plotting a huge scam at today’s full council meeting by allowing former Mayor Lovemore Miako to purchase the vehicle he used during his tenure.

However a document from the legal consultant contracted to give a legal opinion on Maiko’s request to purchase a vehicle has okayed the move as the request was not unreasonable and was in accordance with well-established practice.

According to the advice from Mbizvo Muchadehama and Makoni council actually allowed a similar request former councillor Kiven Mutimbanyoka during an ordinary council meeting held on 21 August 2023

However, the High Court later declared Mutimbanyoka’s null and void.

This means he should never have been acting mayor and by extension should never acted in the position of mayor.”

“From the above it is clear that Mutimbanyoka unlawfully served as Deputy Mayor and Acting Mayor for about one  year, When she sought authority to purchase the mayoral vehicle it was granted with much ado.Thus a precedent was set by council.”

“It is pour considered view that Mr Maiko did not only serve longer, his service was lawful compared to that of Mr Mutimbanyoka whose service was nullified by the courts.” part of the documented advice read.

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